12x12 stall 
Hay fed twice daily (Max. 4 flakes)
Grain/supplements am/pm; owner provides
Stall and runs picked and bedded daily
Water buckets dumped/scrubbed/filled
Blankets on/off
Hot/Cold fully enclosed wash rack
Large indoor arena with rubber footing and jumps
Trailer Parking

​Includes daily turn out 

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  1. Stalls with optional drop-down windows
    Stalls with optional drop-down windows
    Each 12 x 12 stall has drop-down windows and grain door
  2. Arena
    Our 70X100ft arena hosts 7 12x12 stalls with runs off the back, a 12 foot aisle complete with personal tack lockers, feed room, and cross ties for 3 horses.
  3. B Barn
    B Barn
    This barn is home to the horses owned by Elliot Reutlinger. This barn is usually off limits to the public but meet and greets are always welcomed and easily arranged.
  4. Personal Tack Locker
    Personal Tack Locker
    Each stall has a personal tack locker. Each locker has two saddle racks and two bridle hooks. Lockers are painted in chalkboard paint so you can customize your locker!
  5. Summer pasture
    Summer pasture
    Pine Creek Stables offers 8 large pastures during the dry months for horses on daily turn out. These are the perfect sizes for single or double occupancy!
  6. Run off the back of a stall
    Run off the back of a stall
    Each stall comes with the option of a run. Runs are free of mud and standing water picked daily. New gravel is laid when necessary to ensure proper draining.
  7. 12x12 stall interior
    12x12 stall interior
    Each stall and run is picked daily and the bedding is lightly fluffed for comfort. Water buckets are scrubbed clean and filled and any excess hay piled in the corner.
  8. 12x12 stall
    12x12 stall
    Each stall has an ID holder!
  9. 70x100 indoor arena
    70x100 indoor arena
    Our spacious indoor arena is fully covered and lit for year-round riding. We water and drag twice a week to keep the footing soft and to promote a longer life expectancy of the arena mix.
  10. Hot/Cold fully enclosed wash rack
    Hot/Cold fully enclosed wash rack
    Perfect for when your horse surprises you after having lost their blanket and had a good roll during a downpour.
  11. Horses in Runs
    Horses in Runs
    mud and water free gravel runs.